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Jez Dior and Olivver "Kings/1ØØ"

If you've been keeping up to date with Los Angeles grunge rapper Jez Dior, you'd know that he's been making quite the storm on the blog world (if you've been sleeping on him, check out "Old No.7" and "Who Drank My Whiskey?" to become acquainted with his work.) Continuing on the theme of blank he's teamed up with former Neighbourhood drummer Olivver for "Kings/1ØØ," a seamless double single that reveals Dior's ability to create a mellow, chilled out piece of music, while also having the skills to spit bars. While the track from the two upcoming talents is another solid hit to their own catalogues, what I dig about this track in particular is the message behind it. We've all been at moments where people have doubted are abilities and wrote us off as useless, but Dior and Olivver challenge the naysayers in a powerful way that transcends the near 6 minute jam by taking that hate and using it as a weapon. Also, we can't ignore the amazing production from Danny Score, who manages to create a beat that anyone can vibe with. Give this one a listen and watch out for Jez Dior's upcoming album, which should be dropping real soon.

[soundcloud url="https://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/152607607"]


Alternative · Hip-Hop


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