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Phreeda Sharp shows us the finest of female hip hop in "Unchained" [Video]

Okay, so, picture this with me if you can, and try to keep up: 90's Missy Elliot in a torture chamber, 100 pounds lighter, from the UK, with a flow that's about two-thirds as fast as 90's Busta Rhymes. Got it pictured? Ok. That's who this next rising hip-hop artist is, and what the gist of her new music video encompasses. Still interested? I thought so.

Phreeda Sharp, also nicknamed 'Sharp Shooter', hailing from Central London, is an acclaimed hip hop deviant whose aim is to take thunderous first step in to the hip hop realm, and her left foot is arguably larger than Luda's in his "Stand Up" vid. I discovered this woman who is definitely after my own heart, at about 4 o'clock in the morning when I was in some weird hip hop Instagram wormhole. You heard me, Instagram. All I saw, was about a five second clip of this voluptuous woman on a gold chain leash held by a man in a mask, and she was crawling towards the camera, and rapping. She was rapping well, too, and despite her shackles, with an unsurmountable quantity of force. That was in FIVE seconds. Anyone in their right mind, even in the 4 am haze, would have investigated further, and I did. 

She's completed a few projects prior to this video release, including two mixtapes which began in 2012; the most noteworthy being Ruby, Sex, and Vultures. That release created quite the buzz over in the UK, but "Unchained", directed by both Sharp and a rising Canadian producer Ken Waters, is the first to trickle over to the United States. Her message for this song is clear and concise: she wants to exude creative liberation and wants to inform all her listeners that she is unharnessed, unchained, and uninhibited with her own creativity, and wants to serve as a mecca for inspiration for fellow creatives as well. Hell, the way her eyes saw straight in to my soul was engaging, and almost warrior-esque. I could not look away, and at times felt like I was the one on the leash. I think this may be what love is like. 

Currently, she continues to chip away progress towards finishing her first highly anticipated album entitled, Phreedom, and of course, it'll be released under her own label Bad Jane Records. Her music also will be featured in her first film debut soon. The 3D documentary, One Way Up, which is about the inspiring story of the Peckham BMX Club, fits perfectly in to her brand, as it encompasses the idea of the hustle, struggle, and escape. I, for one, cannot wait for these releases, and as soon as they hit the public, you better believe I'll be featuring it on here.

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