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WNDRKND reveals intense new video for "Balaclava" [Premiere]

If you’re launching your music into the visual world, you can’t really go wrong with a moody, monochrome video as a debut. WNDRKND has done just that, but his brand new video for “Balaclava” goes much further and ticks boxes that a lot of artists neglect to even think about. Co-directed by the North Carolina emcee and TheFacesBlur, “Balaclava” is simply shot and minimal but without question adds a multitude of new dimensions to the already hard as hell track. WNDRKND described his main goal when putting the video together as answering the question: “how much emotional tension can we produce with only a few simple objects?” Tension begins to build from the offset as a blood red, Tarantino-esque title flashes on to the screen and it's furthered by the eerie casting of a wheelchair bound, balaclava clad gunman. WNDRKND’s grim wordplay and descriptive story telling is enhanced by the chilling scenes and the fact gangster rap video staples such as weaponry are used sparingly, so they make a bigger impact.

“I didn’t win my lottery so if I want the Prada then I obviously have gotta go and open up my armoury”

PGMW produced the ghostly beat for WNDRKND’s relaxed flow that tackles the heavy themes of hope, pain, corruption and death. It’s also really enjoyable so check out the video below. WNDRKND’s EP, Golden Age Neoclassical, is slated to drop this summer.

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