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Nadus pays tribute to the city that made him with "Nxwxrk"

To some New Jersey is all about blow-outs, spray on tans, hair gel, shitty seaside clubs, and big room tracks – thanks a lot MTV. To the few but proud New Jersey is all about Jersey Club music and memorable nights at the infamous Thread Parties. At the forefront of the Jersey Club movement are DJ Sliink and Nadus, who also are the ones that throw the Thread nights in Newark. Just this week, Nadus released his highly anticipated debut EP Broke City through Pelican Fly Records. Broke City is five-song tribute to the city that made him, Newark. Here is Nadus’s two cents on Newark, "people think very few things when they think of Newark NJ: New Jersey Drive...crime...NJ Devils Hockey...and the airport. The whole base of this record is that good things, people, and MUSIC can come from some of the worst places in the world." This EP really pushes the envelope of jersey club music, bringing an element of sexiness and a whole new level of production to the infectious subgenre. The second track off the release is titled “Nxwxrk,” which encompasses the flawless and invigorating spirit of the album. It has beautiful builds and releases and breathes a fresh new life into the Jersey Club genre and pushes the envelope. The whole EP is one that will be on repeat this summer, without question. With every purchase of this EP, Nadus is giving back to the school that made him, The Newark Boys Chorus School in Newark, NJ. So do some good, purchase the EP here and give children the chance to chase and achieve their dreams just as Nadus has.

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Nadus Broke City



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