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Adrian Lux premieres "Smoke & Mirrors" off forthcoming 'Make Out' EP [Exclusive + Interview]

I first saw Adrian Lux perform at IDentity Fest's 2012 Mountain View stop. That happened to be the last year the North American touring festival took the stage, but since then Lux has continued his well-deserved climb to glory. Most recently the Swedish electronic producer has been releasing his forthcoming Make Out EP piece by piece, having dropped the first single, "Damaged", back in July of last year. A few months later, the reserved dance anthem found company in his "Wild Child" collaboration with Marcus Schossow, followed last month by "Sooner Or Later" with Kaelyn Behr. As each song built upon the previous, the dance world began to realize that we were seeing a true demonstration of Lux's diverse craft, something that would continue with the rest of Make Out.

Four more tracks will be joining the June 3rd Ultra release, including one of my favorites from the EP, "Smoke & Mirrors". Though Lux's work traverses a varied soundscape that makes it impossible to pin to one genre, "Smoke & Mirrors" comes as an exemplary, energetic progressive house anthem, replete with trilling melodies and bass-filled drops. Like some of his most famous tracks *nod to "Teenage Crime"*, the artist employs youthful vocals (here by Last Lynx) and brilliant, uplifting instrumentals to set this song apart.  Pre-order the EP off iTunes today and read on for more about the release, including some info on a track inspired by Lauren Conrad and his recent work with Rebecca & Fiona.


EARMILK: So, how has 2014 been so far? What are some of your favorite moments of this year?
Adrian Lux: Its has been Great, My favorite moment so far was playing Ultra festival in Buenos Aires! Great energy from the people in Argentina and it was a personal accomplishment since I always looked up to Argentinian club culture since I was a kid, DJs like Hernan Cattaneo. I also made a lot of new friends there like Pig & Dan and lots off cool people!
EM: You've worked with Rebecca & Fiona a number of times, most recently on their April release, Beauty Is Pain. What has that been like?
AL: Yes thats right, It was cool, Its a track called Heavy! On this album it was mostly work over the internet, they recorded and did the final stuff on their own, but its fun to have a track and some co-writes on the album!!
EM: I have to ask about the titles, Make Out for the EP and the track "Lauren Conrad". Where did they come from?
AL: Lauren Conrad said in a interview that she had "Teenage Crime" on her workout mix tape. So when I was making this song in the studio I just happened to  name it "Lauren Conrad". While finalizing the song I decided to stick with the name because It was the Lauren Conrad song to me, I hope she likes it!! I loved the name Make Out when I thought off it, since it has a lot off meanings, you can make out stuff or just make out, both have significant meanings to the EP.
EM: "Smoke & Mirrors" is an amazing song. What do you think of when you listen to it? What do you hope your fans feel when they listen to it?
AL: I think they feel like they have been in that same kind off nightclub feeling and hope they can take some with them from it. Other than that just feel happy and awesome I hope!!!
EM: It's such a diverse EP. Did you start out thinking you would create a varied soundscape or did this just come through during production?
AL: It just came together like that, I can only be true to my self when I make music, whenever I'm in front off the computer making music I just go with it and see what comes together at the end. But when I was choosing amongst the music I had been making the last year I threw away a lot off stuff cause I thought these songs made most sense together. I like how it goes from very pop to more Instrumental sections, Its the contrast that makes anything interesting.
EM: Wrapping it up, any words for your fans?
AL: Thanks for believing in me, Always trying to bring my fans fresh perspective on music, there is soo much cool stuff out there in the EDM world If you only let yourself be apart of it!!


make out

Adrian Lux

"Smoke & Mirrors" (Feat. Last Lynx)

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  • 2014-06-03
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