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El Gant and Torae say what's real on "Truth Hurts"

Can a rapper make a boom-bap track these days without being labeled as an old head? Sure, this type of hip hop isn't what it used to be, but even though trends may come and go, some ill drum rolls, a kick, a snare and a high hat is all you need to get down. In a time when it seems like a new mixtape is dropping each week, it's hard to compete with the classics and the emerging acts. Looking to break the mould of wack rhymers, El Gant comes correct with "Truth Hurts," a tell-all which details everything wrong with rap these days. An influx of Lil's and Young's and the need to chase dollar signs are only a few of the issues Gant and the always nice Torae tackle, but between the vicious bars and Method Man sampled scratches, this JOAT produced joint simply bangs. Bump this one down below and watch out for El Gant's Beast Academy, which will be released on June 10th and features support from Chris Webby, Ill Bill and El Da Sensei

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