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Wolfgang Gartner & Popeska's hit has us believing "We Are The Computers"

It could be the fact that much of the eastern seaboard has had the worst winter they’ve seen in a long time, or even ever, but the anticipation of summer is nearly at the breaking point, with Memorial Day Weekend just a day away. And we’re sure many of you have been lamenting the 8 hours you’ve been sitting at your desk, feeling your eyes endlessly water, glued to the glow of your computer screen, or the panic that your hand is steadily becoming part of the computer mouse.


Well, for anyone who needs to be ripped away from a dismal destiny of becoming one with your electronic ball and chain, Wolfgang Gartner & Popeska’s newest release “We Are The Computers” will have you out of your seat and dancing towards the exit. The robotic voices repeating “We are the computers” are warning for some and an intervention for others, reminding you what could be. The style is a clear mix of Gartner and Popeska, with the funky electro beats taking center stage. It’s a fun, energetic catalyst for a good long weekend away from office life.

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Wolfgang Gartner & Popeska

We Are The Computers

  • Kindergarten Recordings
  • 2014-05-20
Dance · Electro · Electro House · House


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