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Sam Siegel & S'natra get "Lifted" with new posse cut

 If there's one thing that we'll never turn down, it's a fine posse cut. From the legendary A Tribe Called Quest jam "Scenario" to the A$AP Rocky banger "1 Train," it's obvious that Hip Hop heads old and new can't refuse a team of emcees getting together to murk a beat. Representing a new breed of up and coming rappers, East Coast emcees Sam Siegel and S'natra resurrect their 2013 hit "Lifted" and bring along a cohort of like minded artists, including Kyle Rapps, Hefna Gwap, T-Shyne, and Lord of the Fly to do some serious damage on this dope instrumental. From Siegel's on point delivery to Rapps' audacious antics that include having relations with Janis Joplin using a lambskin condom, this remix offers something for every listener. The "Lifted" remix can be downloaded for free right now, so you've got no excuse to grab some friends, pop a couple of bottles and turn this one way up. If you've been sleeping on Sam Siegel, be sure to check out his excellent tape, American Degenerate

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