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Enter RAWT's "External Hallucination Phase 1: HUMAN" [Video Premiere]

Dedication is something of an understatement for Nigel Ajere, who understands the true essence of art: that anything extremely special in the world of music takes time to reach the ultimate level of perfection. Nigel has been working on his project known as RAWT for years now, dedicating the greater part of the last four into his mixtape: External Hallucination Phase 1: Human, a multiple part journey through a hip-hop mastermind's darkest feelings and deepest beliefs. This is one of the game changing persons that comes around once in a lifetime and acts as a revolutionary for a genre in dire need of something extraordinary.  

As we began this dark and mysterious journey with the intro from the mixtape: "Devil's Playground", we enter the mind of RAWT and immediately began to understand the true suffering of one man. The song begins with an intro from himself that can only be described as captivating, leading into a flow that is out of this world. His command as a lyricist is something to be marveled and will leave listeners begging from the rest of this tape.

The music video itself was directed by Ben Rayn starring Marz Leon and fits perfectly in check with the unnatural depth of the track. I can honestly say I have no idea what to expect from the rest of the mixtape as this is something I have never witnessed before, stay patience with the rest of the project from RAWT and prepare to enter HUMAN...




Devil's Playground

  • Everett Entertainment
  • May 21st



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