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Earmilk presents: "Voices"

Our core goal has always been to find the best music and present it to our fans. We love music, whether it be the gritty sounds of an underground rave far off in Europe, or the tropical styles of moombahton and zouk bass, to the will-be summer anthems at your favorite festivals, we scrounge every corner of the music world to provide you with the works of the artists we love. It's our passion, and every person that's ever worked for EARMILK has held this close to their hearts. 

The strong community we've managed to hold together through the good times and bad is what especially highlights the special nature of EARMILK. So many beautiful brilliant writers with incredible knowledge of music, and a passion for sharing it have united together. Some of us come from far off countries, others are practically neighbors thriving in the likes of New York City and Los Angeles. 

This is why we're particularly excited to share with you a new section of our site- Voices. It's a special project we've been working on for some time now, because now it's time to let these voices, and yours too, flourish. We have writers with opinions that need to be heard, and there are stories not being told.

We hope you enjoy these OP/ED pieces that you read will enlighten as much as entertain, and perhaps one day you can find us to be the source of your voice as well. 

From much love, 


The EARMILK family 


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