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Chicago-based Netherfriends unveil video for "Joey Vision" [Premiere]

Shawn Rosenblatt, otherwise known as Netherfriends, has kept busy spending nearly a decade touring and releasing dozens of musical projects. Utilizing hip-hop inspired rhythms, this one man band has thus far released a stellar debut album titled P3ACE back in 2013, alongside a ton of previous releases before that, including 2010's Barry and Sherry and 2013's 50 Songs 50 States. 

In more recent days, Netherfriends has been working on some newer content, and has teamed up with Everett Ravens to create a visual counterpart "Joey Vision", which originally hails off of P3ACE. The tune, acting as Part I to the unreleased "Untitled Film Project", aligns Rosenblatt with a sound found at a different extreme: indie rock.

[soundcloud url="https://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/121420974"]

Proving an emotional journey for the listener, the tune is heated, urgent, and lyrically aggressive, whereas his hip-hop oriented approach is one of buoyancy. Think of it as a declaration of Netherfriends' frustration with years of tireless effort.

As Shawn Rosenblatt admits, this exploration into varying genres will not pass. Refusing to be typecasted as a specific kind of artist, Netherfriends' very being acts as a unique musical challenge to any and all artistic moulds. 


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