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Get your samba on with Populous' "Brasilia" [Video]

After radical weather in these hereabouts, anyone would appreciate some sort of stable and predictable weather. But not to worry, the days are getting brighter as the weeks go by and Populous (Andrea Mangia) couldn't agree more. 

"Brasilia" is his most recent single off of his upcoming album Night Safari which is due to drop sometime in September 2014. With the impending summer heat and the last month until the World Cup in Brazil, this tune can only get you in antsy, good mood. "Brasilia" takes much influence batacuda, a subgenre of samba. As you begin your tropical voyage, you can definitely hear the samba influence from the percussion. Populous spices things up by incorporating ambient, dreamy vocals from Giorgio Tuma. With the energetic percussion and the syrupy vocals, the two contrasting elements find a unique harmony that meshes together to form an addicting composition. 

Is it getting hotter yet? 


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