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Owenstone takes us back with new visuals for "Summer Lane" [Video Premiere]

The first emotion that I felt when watching new lyric video from LA based group Owenstone was that nostalgia for the beginning of summer, all depicted in vintage camera snapshots a la director Peter Quinn. Not the summers that we experience now, which are full of shifts, work and constant change but the ones we had as children. Those summers that stretched out with a sense of freedom and the sense that two months would last forever, because we believed it then. Maybe it is that expression of certainty on his face that there is a purpose behind running away from home on his motorcycle and that he will reach his unknown destination during this adventure.

Even the track itself came together in an entirely whimsical way, as Nathan Owen wrote the lyrics on a fishing trip, staring up at the sky as the boat floated in the water. Owen described his composition as, “that yearning voice in your daydreams that calls and demands your departure from the all-too-often trivialities of day-to-day life. That point where you just have to drop everything and escape, even if you don’t know where you’re going. That place is Summer Lane.” Based on the new lyric video we can’t wait to hear Owenstone’s new just released self-titled EP, now available for purchase on iTunes and take a further trip down memory lane. Usher in summer and catch their two upcoming show dates, Saturday May 24th at Los Globos in LA and Friday May 30th at Artifice in Las Vegas


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