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Caitlyn Scarlett's 'JURASSIC JUKEBOX & OTHER DRUGS' is one to remember

JURASSIC JUKEBOX & OTHER DRUGS is not a typical name for an EP release, but it's definitely an unforgettable name. Luckily for us, the tracks are similarly unforgettable, and Caitlyn Scarlett's voice is largely to blame here. 

She stuns from the onset, with "Bad Love" leading the way, nodding both to her brilliant voice as well as to the days of brostep, culminating in a sound that feels like it shouldn't yet somehow superbly does. The second track tones it down with a jazzier number (although with still an electronic feel), and with every song it feels like Scarlett is revealing a facet of herself to the world.

From exploring the pop-rock nature of "Mary Jane" and a folk-ey "Sunset Cigarrette," this release proves that Caitlyn Scarlett's got a whole lot of range and ready to show the world what she's capable of. 

Make sure to snag the release on May 19th

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