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Benbrick tells us a story of love and emotion with "And So She Runs" [Video]

I'm infatuated with the mass amount of talent out of the UK. It's almost as if something exploded and all of a sudden there was a new superstar representing each genre respectively. It wasn't too far back when I brought you the UK up and comer Benbrick and his first single "Forever Holding On." However, I've stayed in touch with Paul Carter AKA Benbrick, and it's truly been a "night before Christmas" experience waiting for this release. I definitely didn't sleep the night before his premiere, maybe because I was excited for his turnout.

It's not an uncommon thing to find artists who honestly wouldn't be phased by garnering attention or not, or artists who want their sound to be heard more than anything. That's Benbrick. He has a plan for success, but not one that involves greed or excessive advertising and promotion. It's more like a movement, driven by his mission to be heard. Yesterday he premiered his new single "And So She Runs" alongside some very enthusiastic visuals. Not only do we feel a touch of Sam Smith, but also The Weeknd and an almost Ben Gibbard like structure in his vocals.

Take a listen to the new single and make sure to jot down the name. It's unusual to find an artist with not only a captivating sound, but also a captivating purpose.


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