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Kick back and relax with Choo Jackson's "Marbles" [Video]

 Where does Pennsylvania stand amongst the dominating forces of Hip Hop coming from Chicago and Atlanta? While it's hard to compete with the aforementioned scenes, those who are in the market for a chilled out and stranger experience (read: music to smoke to) can always fall back on The Keystone State. Alongside the guidance of the enigmatic Mac Miller and his REMember Music imprint, up and comer Choo Jackson has been able to sow the seeds with his music career. 2013's Beer Flavoured Pizza was our first taste of what he had to offer and this year certainly won't be devoid of another project. Choo's latest video, "Marbles," is sublime, enthralling experience that focuses on keeping things simple and easygoing. 


Produced by Mac under his Larry Fisherman alias, "Marbles" is a day in the life of Choo and his redheaded lady friend. Besides the shots of the couple hanging out and having fun--if you're single, you'll have to enjoy this video vicariously-- it's a breezy, simplistic track that everyone can vibe with. Watch our for his upcoming project and his debut album, Broken Hearts Make Money and Slightly Dark, which drop on June 19th and later on this year, respectively. 

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