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Dance with "Wolves" and Digitalism on their latest track

Master remixers and quality producers, the German electro duo Digitalism is back with a bang with their latest track "Wolves". It will leave you howling for more. Okay, okay, that was cheesy. But really though, the progressive house track blends a bit of techno into the mix resulting in a track that will leave your fists needing more air to punch and your speakers exhausted from being turned all the way up. Dance away with "Wolves" and embrace the happy builds and melodic chords to take you to a land far far away. We've been following Digitalism from their earlier days and we can attest to watching them successfully walk the line between indie-rock music and dance music; from their "Sail Away" remix to their "Fahrenheit 32" track, they've built quite the name for themselves on all fronts of the music world. In collaboration with Magnetism Recordings Co., "Wolves" was dropped on Monday, so check it out below.





"Wolves" (Feat. Youngblood Hawke)


Dance · House · Progressive · Techno


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