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Cazzette celebrates the release of "Sleepless" with an exclusive mix

Some of the most fulfilling first-listens are delivered when an artist goes through a transformation that we can understand. Swedish duo Cazzette has always had a pretty unique take on their brand of dance – a technical and futuristic take on electro, topped off with a perfectly catchy melody – one that is intricate but done with such an instinct for understanding the listener. Today they've released a new track that still has that character, but with a read on the pulse of dance fans' recent sentiments with the state of the music's being. It seems that Cazzette is going through a transition themselves, and "Sleepless" is out today on PRMD's ICONS division as their first venture out into the world with it.

Though Cazzette was never prone to the "drop" phenomenon that has been so polarizing in the dance community, they're obviously seeing the importance of the waves being made by deeper, garage-influenced artists out of the UK. "Sleepless" isn't a co-opting of that trend, but a matured move to include deeper sounds in their music. The High's retro vocals, electro synths and classically-influenced progressions throughout still make this track uniquely uplifting and uniquely Cazzette, but the bass tones we hear in and out show us they've got some new sounds in the works (and they're already working). In celebration of their hard work on "Sleepless," the Swedes we know with the cassette tape headdresses Alexander Björklund and Sebastian Furrer have made an exclusive mix for us. For lack of a better word, it's awesome.

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Cazzette, The High


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