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VIMES Brings Summer To Josef Salvat's Sultry "Every Night"

VIMES have given Josef Salvat's "Every Night" a complete makeover. Injecting the sultry track with upbeat, summer vibes, the German production duo manages to transform the overall feel of Salvat's record. It's a fun, shuffling, synth-laden interpretation of Salvat's slow-burning love song—just what you'd expect from the twosome after their stellar breakthrough electro-pop tune "Celestial". 

Where the original featured Josef's soulful vocals and easily conveyed that disarming sense of longing, the remix lightens the mood and makes for a fantastic dance tune. "Every Night" is a personal favorite, so it's great to see a new rework that's complimentary to its predecessor. Thanks to VIMES, both versions coexist well, neither interpretation taking from its counterpart. 

Josef Salvat's readying his debut album, slated for release later this year. Check out "Every Night" below in the meantime, along with "Celestial" by VIMES.

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