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Now That's What I Call Bassnectar! New Album #NVSB Announced And New Single

The Bass Lord Lorin Ashton a.k.a Bassnectar has been in full hibernation mode post-New Years Eve. He has remained relatively quiet, taking a much-needed sabbatical from the bullshit demands of social media and has been brushing his luscious locks into some wicked tracks. Well bassheads alike can rejoice as Lorin emerges from the shadows to announce his next album #NVSB (Noise Vs. Beauty) which is set to be released on June 24th. To announce this release he dropped the first single off the track “Now” which is has bassheads foaming out the mouth. Much like his hit single “Vava Voom,” Now encompasses the high-pitched hyperactive synth builds accompanied by snare hits so tight that the slightest down stroke would cause the drumhead to burst. Lorin explores the hip-hop side in this track, at times I half expected Khia to chime in with her infamous “my neck, my back” verse, but alas she didn’t – but vocalist Rye Rye still fucking kills it. Bassnectar has a slew of festivals and shows coming up this summer so decorate your totum, slap some talcum powder in your shoes and get ready to dance – festival season is upon us!

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