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Stwo asks us to "Stay On My Cool" with Jay Prince edit

Stwo is back at it with his newest edit of Jay Prince's "Stay On My Cool". The French producer has recently garnered quite a following, due from his steady stream of releases. It's no wonder that there is an exuberant amount of buzz surrounding the 20-year-old producer seeing that Stwo’s original music, remixes, and edits are simply beautiful. Stwo's talent and popularity stem from his ability to transform a song into something entirely new and different, specifically with the added element of elegance. With that said, the HW&W recording artist continues with taking songs to new heights with Prince's "Stay On My Cool".

 Stwo brings down "Stay On My Cool" to a whole nother level of chill by adding a serene organ-like synth, which perfectly sets the tranquil mood.  The slowed chord progression makes for the perfect backdrop for Prince's vocals that a moving synth-string melody rings out over ever so lightly. It's this graceful touch that Stwo adds that makes his soundscapes so sonically diverse. Listening to "Stay On My Cool" is almost transcendental in the way it takes the listener to a peaceful state of mind with its mellow inducing vibes.

 If you’re feeling stress be sure to stream Stwo’s “Stay On My Cool” below to put your mind at ease. 

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