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Lush, leftfield house from Octo Octa on 'Where Did You Go?'

Brooklyn based Octo Octa doles out a hot, cashmere blur on his latest release for Chicago-based label, Argot (which, by the way, has a mission statement to showcase American talents). There’s nothing harsh about the house producer, whose syrup-drowsy albums and EPs, until now, have always found a home among the “luxury grooves” of LA’s 100% Silk.


Consistent with Octo’s craft, “Where Did You Go?” billows as it builds, blending lustered chords and a smoldered bassline that make track slow-burn with opal embers. It’s a 7-minute gossamer groove, smooth and smeared, to get eyelids slouching, and minds slipping, deeper into the night.


The track, out April 22 on vinyl, plus a digital version to come later this month, takes the ‘THIS SIDE’ on a 12", while “Through the Haze,” on ‘THAT SIDE,’ tilts towards a barer take on techno. 




Octo Octa

Where Did You Go? (ARGOT009)

  • Argot
  • 22.03.2014
Dance · House


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