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Get wild with Buraka Som Sistema x Vhil's "Stoopid" [Video]

Buraka Som Sistema have consistently broken the boundary between intelligent electronic music and easily digestable dance tracks in that their tracks have the ability to be smart and innovative while still getting dancers on the dancefloor going nuts to their tracks. 

They've had their foot stomping on the pulse of the tropical dance movement known as global club music, and while it may take a minute or two before they invade the entire world, the movement is certainly gearing up to be a good one with followers from around the globe.

It's been a while since they've released anything as a group, but they've come back strong with "Stoopid," which finds them working in collaboration with Portuguese graffiti artist Vhil's creating a stunning, and simultaneously fun, music video.

To be honest, it's hard to even begin describing it - think lots of vibrant paint splattered everywhere, explosions, and smashing... it's probably just best to press play and sit back to the crazy sounds of Portugal's finest. 

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