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Mat Zo continues his free music crusade with "Real Life"

It has barely been a week since Mat Zo’s declaration of free music forever, and he’s already making noise with new material. As an attempt to grow his fan base as wide as possible, his new mantra includes avoiding the traditional retail channels and offering up downloads at no cost to listeners, relying on DJ sets to keep his passion a reality. The first edition, “Oldskool Trip”, featured smooth disco influences and classic house samples, but it seems this is just the tip of the iceberg.

The UK-born producer returns today with “Real Life”, and it’s obvious that while his vision of profits in the music world has changed, his production is as strong as it ever has been. The track is a fun and bouncy genre-killer, mixing airy house chimes with sharp electro stabs. It’s the perfect in-between track for any of Zo’s sets, which jump from sound to sound while keeping a steady melodic groove throughout. Look for Mat Zo in tandem with Kill The Noise this spring in a number of North American tour dates. 

Dance · House


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