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Lancelot sets standards high on his 'J.O.B.' EP

Australian producer and DJ Lancelot knows what's up, and has set out to set things straight with his new EP, J.O.B. out on Anjunadeep this week. Featuring the vocals of Naiire, both "Ain't Nonthin' Goin on But the Rent" and "Truth" speak matter of factly to some pretty frank relationship prerequisites and explanations. The fellow Australian provides a retro feeling vocal over both tracks, while Lancelot's signature deep and soulful production reminds us why he is catching such swift popularity. "Ain't Nothin' Goin' On But the Rent" is the obvious focus to the EP, with a catchy cover vocal of Gwen Guthrie's original work. The track also gets special remix attention from Meramek, Playmode, and most impressively, a pumped up version by Lancelot himself. Check out the stream below for the whole picture.


Lancelot, Ngaiire


  • Anjunadeep
  • ANJDEE188D
Deep House


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