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Andrew Luce continues to turn heads with "Carmen" remix [Download]

A name that continues to blow up the music blog world, Andrew Luce puts out another signature rework of Landa Del Rey's "Carmen". After his latest remix of "Get Low" the 16 year old wiz kid returns completely reinventing his sound as more of an electric feel. Letting Del Rey's lyrics do what they will, Luce may have given us his best work to date, synchronizing bass and love.

Recently announcing a much anticipated live performance, Luce will be opening for Mutrix in Hollywood on the 16th of this month. Head over to his page now for event details and the latest news on what Andrew is up. Most importantly do not miss your chance to download the track below, pretty soon you'll be saying "Carmen"....



Andrew Luce

Carmen (Remix)

  • April 24th


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