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Jimmy Mofo & Hypeman Sage exploit the free bar in "Back For Another One"

We love to get intoxicated here in the UK, and Jimmy Mofo’s new track should give you a good idea of how much. “Back For Another One” features the lyrical input of Hypeman Sage and the grime artist tells a story of how easy it is to get carried away when a free bar is a part of your setting. Mofo is no stranger to the beat making scene, having toured the world with regular festival appearances in Russia, Australia and America as one half of the Beat Assassins, and also under the alias of Koshii for trap/808 productions. “Back For Another One” is hard to pin down and label with a genre but there’s a definite hard hip hop edge and smoky UK rave aura to the layers of fuzzy drum claps and synths that wouldn’t sound out of place in a dark reimagining of an 80’s platform game on the SNES.

All farfetched attempts to categorise the beat aside, the combination of a blistering tempo and quirky bars make “Back For Another One” a great example of how urban music across the pond is as versatile as it’s ever been, with electronic subgenres fast being woven into its grimy fabric. The track officially drops on June 8th through Bad Boys Records UK but it’s already been remixed a handful of times, with the likes of President Beatz and CODE:MANTA getting involved with interesting outcomes, so check those out along with the original below.

Electronic · Hip-Hop · Rap · U.K.


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