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It's '4:22'...Do you know where your girlfriend is? Jeff Sontag Does [EP Premiere]

It's Friday night; the weekend is here and you're ready to get down. As you break through the mile long line outside of the club, you're met with dizzying barrage of sight and sound as the doors swing open. And there she is, on the middle of the dance floor dressed to the nines in her own world. Her smile, a still moment in time. You begin to strike up a conversation and find yourself heading home with her hand firmly placed in yours, the details of what just occurred are but a blur. As you bring her home for an after party of two, you remember that smile, firmly embedded in your mind. Your eyes come in contact; a grab turns into a satisfying kiss that feels like the two of you are floating amongst the clouds. A playful story and some banter quickly take the two of you to the early hours of the morning, as the sun interrupts your intimate moment. And at the end of it all, a calming euphoric tide sweeps over you.

[soundcloud url="https://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/146816894%3Fsecret_token%3Ds-fHVKh"]

These are the the experiences that singer/producer Jeff Sontag has captured in his debut EP, 4:22. A mix of ambient, house and R&B, it's a project that travels from night to day, as each track represents a moment in time of the brief but meaningful relationship. Beginning with the opening track that plays out like a pseudo intro of Daft Punk's "Revolution 909,"--Jeff actually recorded a number of samples right from outside of the club in order to capture that feeling of anticipation-- we follow the titular character through the noise and chaos until he lays his eyes on that special someone. The two tracks that follow, "I Know," with its grooving baseline and airy vocals, and "The Fall," with its lost-in-thought, introspective style represent the high life at the club and the passionate return home, respectively.


Sontag continues to turn up the irresistible attraction with the title track, which will eliminate your Monday woes and reconsider your decision to leave your bed. It's a soothing piece that complements the outro, and more importantly, the entire EP. We've heard projects that carry a loose narrative in the past, but I'd argue that 4:22 is in its own league. From beginning to end, it's not afraid to tell all the details and get into the nitty gritty of what happens after the sun goes down. Go ahead and give Jeff a like on his Facebook page to download the album and check out his Soundcloud for more great tunes. 


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