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Become the "Predator" in Twine's collab with Dion Timmer

Twine's latest The Absolute EP has been racing up the Beatport charts over the last week and for good reason. The Florida producer has given dance fans a new edge to their bass, and shining as one of the highlights of the EP is the Dion Timmer collab "Predator." The track leads in with a shamanistic drum beat and an atmosphere that follows the hunter through the jungle as it stalks its prey. Once the predator attacks we're hit with an earth-shattering bass and stabbing synths and wobbles, effectively defying genres and combing some of the best dance elements for a melodic trap/dubstep hybrid. 

Twine's work with Dion Timmer is an impressive advancement of dance music, and it's no surprise why Twine's The Absolute EP is selling so well on Beatport. Grab a listen to "Predator," and be sure to support the producers on Beatport and their social media pages. 

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"Predator" ft. Dion Timmer

  • Firepower Records
  • 22-Apr-14
Bass · Dance · Dubstep · Electronic · Trap


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