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Merk & Kremont praise funky, in your face electro in "Amen" and give us an exclusive playlist

The Italian duo Merk & Kremont graced our figurative pages recently with their track "Charger" with Amersy, and since then we have been really paying attention to what the guys are doing. It also helps that their tracks are getting more and more airplay by big named producers in the beginning of festival season. Specifically, their latest work "Amen" caught our eyes, ears, and every other sense we didn't know we had at Ultra Music Festival last month as the first (and maybe the most) hard-hitting track in Steve Angello's main stage set. And it makes sense: the track is out this week via his Size Records outlet. A dive into acidic electro, punchy beating synths and tribal percussion, "Amen" is surely a phrase we'd like to agree with. Check out the track below, as well as Merk & Kremont's playlist of a few tracks that inspire them in making tracks just as energetic as "Amen."


Stream: Merk & Kremont - Amen (Original Mix)

We created this track in roughly one day, then it took an intense month of work to polish it and make it sound clean and fluent. We took a lot of inspiration from several ID tracks from Size records (there are actually many of them) so that is why it is futuristic: it features element of records that are sold yet.


Stream: Le Castle Vania - Raise The Dead (Botnek Remix)

We are really big fans of Botnek. They are trying to bring to the dancefloor all these liquid reese basslines and crazy grooves. It seems to us that their work will be very appreciated by everyone in a near future.


Stream: Vitalic - Second Lives

Such a good record! It will never get old.


Stream: Minilogue - Hitchhiker's Choice

Back in 2008 when we were approaching the world of electronic music, this was so ahead of time in terms of originality and mixing techniques.


Stream: Daft Punk - The Son of Flynn

A Soundtrack set in the future, Tron is the probably the underrated masterpiece of Daft Punk. This track is a perfect example of how the french duo can easily combine classical harmonies with futuristic sounds. Superb!

Merk & Kremont


  • Size Records
  • SIZE125
Dance · Main Stage


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