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DISCOFORGIA unveils the visuals for his techno influenced "Licked" track [Video Premiere]

We've been on to Italian producer, DISCOFORGIA, for quite some time and we've seen the progression and transformation of his sound. This newer track, "Licked", borrows many influences including Funk, Techno and Punk and bundles them all up and presents it as though it was arranged in the late '90s. I say this because the overall tone of the song feels very raw, unfiltered and somehow aged. And then the video is another beast entirely. The track also features KinderwhoOore. And you'll find this track on the upcoming Awakening EP which will be released on Starquake Records.

The video for "Licked" was directed by film maker Ortiche and was inspired by Depersonalisation disorder and also Spectrophobia which is basically the fear of mirrors or at least fear of what could happen in mirrors. In the video, the leading character is ultimately trying to escape mirror reflections of -- what he perceives to be  -- other people which is a deep concept for modern music videos. But, ultimately, a song such as "Licked" deserves such a unique artistic video to accompany it. The track and the visuals are both equality engrossing, dark, disturbing and 100% complimentary. Check out the video and enjoy the ride.

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