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Bronze Whale takes "Weird Dark Things" to a new level with Khai

The Austin based electronic act, Bronze Whale, have taken their existing instrumental track, "Weird Dark Things" to a whole new level with the new addition of vocals from fellow Texan, Khai. The duo teased us with a preview of the track a few weeks back, but it is now available via Waxhole Records. The track began as an instrumental project about a year ago for the guys and when they connected with Khai, the vocalist, it became clear that this track needed more. The subtle drop and trap-stutters create a beautiful platform to display Khai's vocals on. Panning in and out of focus, the production is very much a collection of 'weird dark things', but it is a beautiful track. Bronze Whale has been killing it with each and every one of their releases, so make sure you go follow them with their social links below, because you're gonna wanna keep an eye on these guys.


bronze whale

Bronze Whale

"Weird Dark Things" (Feat. Khai)


Dance · Electronic · Trap


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