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Recover from your "Friday Night" with this sexy Kaytranada x Reva DeVito track

As you start your coffee pot and down ibuprofen to self-medicate from your illustrious Friday night adventures, let the sexy soulman Kaytranada revive you back to life.  Proving he is a man with no boundaries, Kay teams up with the Portland princess of pop – Reva DeVito in a sensual vibe aptly named “Friday Night.” While most producers reach out for synth packages Kay takes the ordinary vocal sample and chops it up in to the extraordinary.  Light and bouncy and bursting at the seams with sexual allure, Friday Night is the perfect pairing for post and pre-game festivities.  Kay has been on a hot streak slaying productions with the likes of Mobb Deep, The Celestics, and remixes spanning from garage gods Disclosure, hip-hop heavyweight Common, and the soulful singer Banks. Undoubtedly 2014 is the of the Kaytranada and he proves that the sky is the limit as he fails to disappoint with his multitude of diverse releases. 

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Kaytranada Friday Night

Dance · Electro House


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