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Tourist creates beautiful "Patterns" with vocalist Lianne La Havas

Bringing listeners into his new track with simple electronic pings, Tourist has delivered his newest track "Patterns" with vocal assistance from fellow London based artist, Lianne La Havas. On the verge of releasing his new Patterns EP, this third release from the project follows the tracks "Together" and "I Can't Keep Up" with Will Heard. The EP is due to be released this Sunday on April 20th in the UK with Method Records and on April 22nd in North America with Monday Records. How Tourist has blended the bass, house, and even some soul into this track has given us just one more reason to love Tourist and everything he has been doing lately.

As Tourist has made the rounds from just being big in the blog world to working with larger acts with the likes of Haim and Lianne La Havas, he has himself become a name that fans can't live without. "Patterns" works a hybrid electronic sound behind Lianne's lovely vocals. While Tourist may have strayed a distance from the style of sound we've become accustomed to hearing from his music, this new approach he has taken is something we just can't complain about. It is refreshing while remaining upbeat and maintains the potential to be a dance track. Check out the song below and feel free to pre-order the Patterns EP on iTunes.

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"Patterns" (Feat. Lianne La Havas)




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