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Preme & Clint Norway "Parade" their superiority in a new track

Preme and Clint Norway detail the plight of the local rapper in a message of positivity through new track “Parade”. In the process they execute some ruthlessly hot hip hop alongside another member of North Carolina’s FANG collective. Powerful songstress Grey La’Faye offers her services for the dramatic hook and her vocals give "Parade" the atmospheric edge that independent rap music so often lacks. Norway’s frustrations concerning credibility and popularity come through with real passion in a burst to light the BrendenJBeatz produced fire:

“I’m tired of being underrated, feeling unnoticed see. I had an idea, what if I killed every rapper in your playlist, would you play this? Would you come to my shows and make me look good for the ratings or would you hate me? Either way it go I’m better than the Wales and 2 Chainzes. Just face it. But I’m a local rapper so it makes it harder to believe anything that I’m f****** saying”

Everything about ‘Parade’ sounds and feels big, as Preme, who describes himself as “underrated underage creativity”, definitely goes some way into backing up his claims via a closing verse which both reflects his realness and distinguishes him from other young rappers. ‘Parade’ is set to feature on Preme’s 20$4 PREME EP which we can expect to see drop later this year, you can check out the first cut below.

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Preme & Clint Norway

"Parade" (Feat. Grey La'Faye)

  • Boredom Created Intl. & +FNGLFE
  • Out Now


Hip-Hop · Rap


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