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Lenno finds perfect "Symmetry" in Tropic of Pisces

Finnish producer Lenno recently remixed Brooklyn’s Tropic of Pisces, the project of Oberhofer guitarist Mathew Scheiner, for your summertime enjoyment. The project's upcoming release Symmetry also drops mid-May.

Lenno put the soft lens on the eponymous track, “Symmetry," with a crackling slow fade-in from crickets chirping is gutted by kick-snares smacking a four count. The crystalline chimes over a deep bass bring a lot of depth – space that’s later occupied by Mathew’s vocals. This track is multicolored and glistening. It’s symmetrical.


Tropic of Pisces

"Symmetry" (Lenno Remix)

  • OhhLaLa
Dance · Electro · Electronic


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