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Daphni and Owen Pallett collaborate on new 12", "Julia" and "Tiberius"

Dan Snaith, aka psychedelic nonconformist Caribou, also records dancier numbers under the alias Daphni.  For his latest release under this name he’s teamed up with violinist, composer, and fellow Canadian Owen Pallett, for a collaborative 12” single, to be released next week on Snaith’s Jiaolong label.  Side 1, “Julia,” is classic Daphni, Snaith’s collection of quirky sounds mingling with the string additions of Pallett, a type of instrument not often heard in Snaith’s music, but fitting here.  “Tiberius,” the stronger of the two tracks, starts with almost militaristic percussion, joined by maniacal strings from Pallett.  The result is simultaneously a bit frightening and quite danceable.  According to Snaith, these tracks have been a part of his live DJ sets for some time.  On Twitter he mentions that the tracks feature bass frequencies that will go unheard without sufficient speakers, and he’s not kidding; if you’re listening on a laptop, don’t be surprised if “Julia” goes completely silent at times.  This collaboration seems a little odd at first, but it’s really pretty natural, neither artist is stepping too far outside their comfort zone, although this is certainly outside Pallett’s usual genre.  In other Owen Pallett news, his solo LP In Conflict is out May 13 via Domino.  Meanwhile it’s been four years since Caribou’s breathtaking Swim LP, let’s hope that his next is right around the corner.

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Daphni & Owen Pallett

"Julia" and "Tiberius"

  • Julia / Tiberius
  • Jiaolong
Dance · Eclectic · Electronic · Electronica · IDM · Psychedelic


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