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Childish Gambino hangs out with himself in the video for "Sweatpants"

Childish Gambino is popping up all over the place with a surprise Coachella appearance alongside Jhené Aiko and quite literally in his new video for “Sweatpants”. Straight from his Because The Internet album, “Sweatpants” is arguably the most self-admiring track on the record. The new visual, which stars a plethora of Gambinos, would also be considered narcissistic from a long list of other rappers but Glover manages to use his endlessly creative mind to make it work and feel like more of a social commentary. Our setting is a relatively quiet diner but when the original Gambino enters the picture it soon begins to uncannily populate with familiar faces.

It all starts to kick off after Glover leaves the building to send a text. When the infectious track reaches its halfway mark and layer upon layer of spooky effects are introduced, more Gambinos are introduced as well. It’s later revealed that amongst other imposters, the guy who Glover saw vomiting into a plant pot outside earlier, is him. This actor/rapper/comedian/writer isn’t overly fazed by his clones though and maintains a laid back attitude which almost matches the consistency of his rapid flow. Then the outro takes over and we’re gifted a delightfully soulful send off with a backdrop of equally charming scenes. Super slow motion dance moves are executed under a picturesque tree to complete this mosaic that visually encompasses a super intelligent and progressive effort. Watch the video for “Sweatpants” below.


Childish Gambino

"Sweatpants" [Video]

  • Glassnote/Island
  • April 14, 2014
Experimental · Hazy · Hip-Hop · Music Videos · Rap


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Tσrri ❀
Tσrri ❀
7 years ago

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