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Berlin house unites in Egokind's remix of Umami's "Sunny" [EP]

The men making up the production duo Umami have resurfaced last year's hit "Sunny" today for a little remix treatment on Ultra Music. Robert and Sam met in the underground scene in Berlin, and have since made lots of deep and soulful house music together including "Sunny," which featured a heartwarmingly familiar sample of Wes Montgomery's iconic 1966 jazz track of the same name. Now they've connected with fellow Berliner Egokind for a quirky deep house take on the track, and we'll never be the same. It's hard to hear the vague references to the original "Sunny," but they're there, buried in a maze of groovy, chopped up jazz piano notes and faint vocals. It's oddly entrancing, and a housey space like envisioning of Umami's work. Accompanied by a much deeper remix by U So Witty, Sunny has never felt so new.

Deep House


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