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"No Excuse" not to watch Jacques Greene's newest video

Last month, Montreal 2-step fusionist Jacques Greene announced a new EP, Phantom Vibrate, and shared its lead track, the hypnotic, stutter-stepping “No Excuse.”  The song has now been given the video treatment, with people doing slo-mo, zero-gravity backflips in a primary-blue cyberspace.  The people look serene, as if they belong in this matrix, and the video’s calm, almost lazy pace enhances the euphoria of the track.  The EP, out April 28 via LuckyMe, is based on the interaction of humans and technology, a clear inspiration for the video, as well as Greene’s music in general, which emphasizes the marriage of the human voice with computer-generated sounds.  This is the way electronic music should be, breaking down barriers between genres, and undoubtedly destroying dance floors already.



"No Excuse" not to watch Jacques Greene's newest video

Mike Waite

  • LuckyMe
  • 4/28/2014


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