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Unknown Poets let their presence be known with "Chucho" [Premiere]

Although this track is not premiering on Sunday, Unknown Poets unveil their debuting track "Chucho" that gives us all that lax Sunday morning feeling. Warm enough to get your feet cozy for the dance floor, this track leads perfectly to that time of the year we all love and know as "festival season". In reality, there's a special vibe to this one. as it mixes perfectly a jazzy saxophone with 4/4 programmed drumming. It's hard to not associate this track with a good time. Released under the equally fresh label, Electrocity Limited, you'll be left to wonder how you even got through your dance playlist without including this new artist, track, and label.

Set for release on May 5th, we have the pleasure of giving you a fine taste of what to expect from this release weeks in advance. Go ahead and check out track "Chucho" below and put a reminder on the release date - it's one you wont want to miss.


stream: Unknown Poets - Unknown Poets - Chucho




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