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Troy Nōka's "OMM" shows why we should all be paying attention to him [Premiere]

Troy Nōka is a producer who's credits range from Ciara's "My Love" to multiple works by Frank Ocean, Miguel, and Chris Brown. He's got an impressive cache of works in the production field, and his CV is pretty amazing, to say the least. 

He's getting ready to make a name for himself as a rapper however, and this Austin-born producer is releasing "OMM," a track that features strong and crisp production along with stellar lyricism. It hits hard and Nōka clearly knows what he's doing. It blends an infusion of trap and hip hop to create a track that is strong in attitude, style, and ferocity. Overall, his transitioning from producer to lyricist is so smooth that he makes it look easy. 

Check out the track below, and for those in Austin, catch his show tonight. 

Stream: TROY NōKA - OMM

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