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Hostage remixes Joel Compass's "Forgive Me" [Premiere]

London's Joel Compass is a breed of singer, songwriter and producer of timeless rarity. When many artists try to break into the "big time" through blowing the world away by naming themselves as the newest and most unique, Compass blows us away with his ability to master the most fundamental elements of successful music. And today, we've got a special exclusive sneak peak at his third release entitled "Forgive Me," out April 20th on Outsiders. With vocals that fall somewhere in between pop, R&B and soul, it seems like they were made to be remixed into a massive house hit in the way we saw Sam Smith partner with Disclosure in 2012. And the producer helping this along is none other than fellow Brit Hostage, who found the pith of the original vocals, playing them up with deep synths and a groovy beat. In short, this track is a must-have.  

Dance · Exclusive · Main Stage


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7 years ago

When is the hostage remix out?