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Coral Records brings the resurge of Seapunk

Although there has been a recent drought on the west coast, Coral Records of Chicago have given the public hydration. In the the last few years the sub-genre 'seapunk' has been called a fad, style and a way of life. There are numerous articles explaining the life of the genre such as the famous NY Times article "Seapunk a Web Joke with Music has it's moment".  Let's also not forget the time when big name pop stars such as Rhianna and Azelia Banks were pined as thieves of the concept and style with their videos; see the link here. Even Spin Mag featured a whole list if you want to dive even deeper.

After some debriefing, we see many people coming to the rescue of the seapunk nation worldwide. It seems that it was stolen by big names artists. The purpose of this article wasn't to give you the history lesson, but merely to give you even more seapunk, because it certainly isn't dead. If you are a dedicated vapor wave or wave raver then you probably will be familiar with most of the artists that will be covered.

Ultrademon aka Fireforeffect's record label brings back memories of spring 2012 when seapunk really hit the net. This time around with an even more developed sound and crew it's safe to say this genre is here to stay. In all honest genres do nothing, but create unwanted arguments and twitter wars. In Seapunk Volume II there is something more magical about this one than the last. After receiving a even bigger backing in Japan, there was a Japanese release and also an American one.

Both share similar tracks, but after listening there is a different theme and vision for both as the artists  pay homage to the roots of house with Chicago styled like bass and snyth leads. It's very hard to describe all these songs in such a short passage, but what we really like about is how well-rounded musically this release is.

[soundcloud url="https://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/125641176" params="auto_play=false&hide_related=false&visual=true" width="100%" height="450" iframe="true" /]

Official Release Track Listing :

2. Talk - Memorial
3. 25indica - SSS
4. Fina - 4 (The Beat) O'Clock
5. Vtgnike - Sladka Yagoda
6. Seablaze - Senpai's Touch
7. Luke's Anger - Biscuit Trap
8. Anthony Foster - P
9. Hypo77 - Fleeting Moment
10. Umbertron - Fleshdance
11. SICH MANG - Bambi
12. DJ Earl - Break
13. Golden Boy - Mikazuki 5
14. Pimpspomp (Luvraw & DJ Mayaku) - Paya
15. Fazerock - Dunkin' Donuts Without Milk
16. Lars Warn - Germs



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