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Making drugs and spitting rhymes with Fhive's "Freebasing" [Premiere]

This morning we are premiering the track of Fhive's "Freebasing," which among other things, largely involves cooking up some crack. Fhive and his crew all come together to bring a realistic and gritty dynamic to the video and there is something frighteningly eeries that resonates throughout the entire video. The song further has its own haunting element, as there's no glamor added to the song. It hits the heart because its attitude never tries to impress, just speak honestly, and it's great to hear such rawness back in music. 

Fhive is most notably known for working for Azealia Banks, and this video was directed by the infamous Lil Internet. Make sure to check out the video for the all too real "Freebasing" below. 

P.S. The getting up from the floor thing is pretty sick. 




  • April 8, 2014


Hip-Hop · Rap


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