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Collin McLoughlin joins Game Of Thrones with "Feral Love" remix [Premiere + Download]

HBO's gratuitous visual adaptation of the revered fantasy series, Game Of Thrones, has returned for the fourth season with even more eyebrow-raising sensuality and fatal neck wounds than before. The Sunday evening staple lives well beyond TV sets or the NY Times Best Sellers list, having become an iconic piece of cultural literacy that dominates everything from water cooler talk to world news outlets during its 10-week run. Last year many of us experienced a near-fatal shock during episode nine's infamous bloodshed and have been jonesin' for a fix to the circumstances surrounding it. As the premiere neared, both relief and anticipation started to creep in, especially when season four's trailer teased the series' eerie, epic return.

Piecing together the few, short glimpses we received before Sunday's debut, Chelsea Wolfe's "Feral Love" serves as the trailer's brooding and suspenseful musical theme. Who better to take this breathy evocation to new heights than Collin McLoughlin, a dedicated producer who has spent the last year crafting bold remixes and originals that have garnered a fervent fan base. Much of his success can be attributed to an innate musicality that presents itself in melodic overtures and craftily cut vocals throughout his bass- and beat-driven releases. Today's rework of "Feral Love" is no different, a surreal reverie that weaves shimmering synth riffs and blossoming mids around Wolfe's weightless voice and crisp drum work. One listen will have you lost in a far off land, one of Collin McLoughlin's creation. Click 'purchase' below to buy the track for the price of a like.

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Feral Love (Collin McLoughlin Game Of Thrones Remix)

Chelsea Wolfe

"Feral Love" (Collin McLoughlin GOT Remix)

  • Self-released
  • 2014-04-08


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