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Solidisco have us "Feeling Good" with Nina Simone remix [Download]

Leave it to the boys of Solidisco to transform a soulful classic from the 60s into a slapping dance tune. When we spoke to Don and Matt at HARD DotD, this seemed to be one of their keys to success: an ability to reshape the almost unreproducible sounds of a past era for an updated audience. Since that time, the duo from upstate New York have continued a successful climb by releasing massive remixes and originals for an all-to-eager following. Add to that today's track, a reimagination of Nina Simone's signature ballad, "Feeling Good". Bold and Brassy, the remix builds on Simone's famous vocals, complimenting them with stacatto synth melodies and rounded beats. It's everything you'd hope for and more from Solidisco, so go grab the free download now.





"Feeling Good" (Feat. Nina Simone)

  • 2014-04-07


Dance · Disco


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  • thank you so much for the post as always guys!

    Avatar solidisco April 7, 2014 3:24 PM Reply

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