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Goodbye Chanel reveals tropical track "Hollow Me" from 'Hot City Nights' [Premiere]

Proving colourful and tropical, the five-piece, UK-based act who go by the name of Goodbye Chanel have just dropped a sophomore tune from their upcoming second EP. "Hollow Me" follows in the same vein as the first released track titled "Foreva", creating quite the anticipation for the full release of the Hot City Nights EP on April 21 via Dead Young Records

The post-pop feel induces a sun-filled day spent with friends, one that you never want to slip away. The lyrical content is nostalgic, remembering "the girls" and "boys of summer" while in the midst of a catchy pop melody. Essentially a mix between tropical pop, dream pop, and lo-fi, "Hollow Me"glistens in the sugar-coated haze of reverb guitar, dreamy synth and melodic undertones. 

Goodbye Chanel will be playing a bunch of UK shows throughout April and May. If you're around on April 16, you should check them out at London's Sebright Arms, which is free entry with RSVPHot City Nights EP will be available on limited CD and digital download as of April 21

[soundcloud url="https://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/143490467"]

Dreamwave · Indie · Lo-Fi · Psychedelic · Shoegaze · Surf Pop


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