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Enjoy a Rhymos Q & A with a side of "Mutton Chops"

Breaking out from the shadows, Whistleblower Records have just released their first catalog, Pale Ale. Brought on by one of the label's own curator's -- Rhymos -- the EP surely denotes his characteristic styles caught in between acid house and Detroit techno. Extending Whistleblower's core purpose of sounding off an A-grade dose of underground house, techno, and electronica, Pale Ale comes as a rounded package that touches up on all of the above. With three fun and hyped original tracks inclusive of one cerebral lift by Aubrey himself, Rhymos sets the bar high for Whistleblower.

On top of EARMILK a quick stream of "Mutton Chops", Rhymos has also gladly taken the time to answer a few questions for us. Get to know a little more about Rhymos, the release, and the label with the Q&A below. And don't forget to press 'play' while you do so!


stream: Rhymos - Mutton Chops


Whistleblower Records is a brand new imprint, how did it come about?
Me, Alan and Dave (Reset Robot) have been friends since we were young teenagers. Music is what brought us together. We used to hang out and play records, then as we got older we started going to parties.
I began working in the studio with Dave (Reset Robot) getting some ideas down and releasing on various labels over the years. Now its come to the stage where I wanted to release my own music on my own label and have total control. After discussing this with Alan and Dave we all agreed it was a good time to start the label together. Meeting Con whilst we were residents at Junk, he jumped on board to help with the running of the label and crack the whip.
Your Pale Ale EP , easily, makes anyone salivate a little with notably interesting track names like “Pale Ale” and “Mutton Chops”. Is there a story behind it all?
Sometimes there is a story behind my track names, with these that is the case. "Pale Ale" started when me and Dave went out one night and smashed in a load of pale ale, which resulted in a very funky hangover. We were straight in the studio the day after and wrote pale ale.
"Mutton Chops" I wrote when I had a terrible beard.
And then you give us the spiritual exhibition that is "Pampi Michi" – making an interesting turn on the record, to say the least. What’s the reference?
Whilst out in Peru I saw a lot of posters and references to Pampi Michi. It’s a way of life out there, which inspired me to write this track. I spent a week in the Andes, it was pretty epic moment for me and wanted to write a track that reflected that.
Remixing Pale Ale is Aubrey, how was that sorted out?
We’ve all been into his music for a long time and seeing as he’s local to the South coast, it seemed to fit perfectly with the first release. We are really happy to have him on board, it finished off the EP nicely.
Aside this adventurous release, what else do you have coming out in the near future?
I’ve got an EP coming out on Turquoise Blue around October time, which I’m really happy with. I will also be releasing again on Whistleblower.
Can you tell us what Whistleblower has in stock within the next few releases?
I can’t reveal too much right now, but I’m very excited for the first Customer release on the label. I’ve been playing them out for quite a while and they are amazing in my opinion.

 Out today, make sure you grab your own copy of Pale Ale!

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