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Rare Times & Benedek collab prove it's a COOL WORLD.

COOL WORLD is the lovechild of the killer producer power behind LA duo Rare Times & Benedek, and they prove one thing for sure, they can make some cool music. COOL WORLD combines the production talents from Nicky Benedek and Alex Talan with vocals of Anthony Calonico.  The EP is their first collaboration, featuring two tracks, "Finishing Touch" and "Chilly."

Funk, groove, love, and smoothness oozes out of this 2 track EP (out on Feel So Real on April 8), into a puddle of delicious slow jam mastery. COOL WOLRD finds a way to modernize old school funk sounds by fusing todays pop and electronic sounds into the mix. Both "Finishing Touch" and "Chilly" are full of slow jam sexiness, making these tracks perfect for a date night, or end of the night playlist.

"A-side" Finishing Touch:

"B-side" Chilly:



 "Finishing Touch" & "Chilly"

  • Feel So Real


Electronic · R&B


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